CentriPipe (CCCP)

CCCP (centrifugally cast concrete pipe) is a trenchless process used to rehabilitate damaged storm drain pipe.  The CCCP method can be applied to almost any type of pipe and is particularly effective in restoring corrugated metal pipe.  The interior surfaces of the damaged pipe are sprayed with a mortar mix specifically designed to provide a seamless, high strength seal and return the pipe to full function.

The process begins as a spincaster is drawn through the pipe at a predetermined speed to evenly coat the interior of the existing pipe.  The procedure is repeated until the desired thickness is attained.

CCCP pipe lining can be applied to pipes from 30” – 72” diameter with a maximum of 500’ per segment.  During the installation phase the pipe must be dry.  After the last application by the spincaster, the pipe is ready for flow in 24 hours and will reach full cure in 28 days.

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