MSI is a licensed installer of Ultraliner, a PVC alloy pipe re-lining process used to rehabilitate pipeline from manhole to manhole.  The compressed liner is pulled through the host pipe and then inflated with steam and air to conform tightly to the interior of the existing pipe.  The installation process is quick and, as it is a trenchless procedure, minimizes the disruptive aspects of open-cut rehabilitation.

This method of pipeline rehabilitation is not only useful in most sewer pipe applications but is very effective in the restoration of the larger diameter, corrugated pipe typically found in storm drains and culverts.

For industrial and commercial applications, Ultraliner provides a perfect solution as equipment and machinery constructed above the pipe is costly or impossible to relocate and open trench methods of pipe rehabilitation are not an option.  Ultraliner is manufactured to withstand the detrimental effects of prolonged chemical exposure and abrasion.




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